Little Forest

+ Genre Drama
+ Director YIM Soon-rye
+ Cast KIM Tae-ri, RYU Jun-yeol, MOON So-ri, JIN Ki-joo
+ Release Feb 28, 2018
+ Running Time 103min
Little Forest
Have some break, delicious four seasons are waiting for you.
No job, bad romance, and terrible grades… Nothing goes smooth in young Hye-won’s life in a big city. She puts her unsolved matters behind and impulsively returns to her hometown. There she reunions her childhood friends Jae-ha and Eun-sook, who carry their unusual rural life in their own way. From that winter, Hye-won’s days are filled with simple but peaceful moments; having a meal with her organic ingredients. All through 4 seasons, Hye-won slowly finds the real pleasure of living a simple life and realizes the genuine reason to return homeland. New spring is approaching, and she puts the first step in her brand new life.