Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies

+ Genre Sexy Comedy
+ Director JUNG Bum-shik
+ Cast JO Yeo-jeong, Clara, KIM Tae-woo, KIM Bo-yeon
+ Release 2015-01-07
+ Running Time 112min
Casa Amor: Exclusive for Ladies
A workaholic opens her eyes to the world of adult business! 
Bo-hee is a successful marketer of a toy company. But she is too workaholic, hardly cares about her daughter, only ‘sleep’ with her husband, Kang-sung. Nan-hee, a neighbor, is a sex shop owner with an attractive appearance. By accident, Bo-hee gets fired. And when she visits Nan-hee’s shop, Nan-hee teaches her what orgasm is about and when she opens her eyes to the world of ‘real’ joy, her relationship with her husband starts brand new style. With full of joy, Bo-hee bursts out the ideas as a marketer. Now CASA AMOR, the sex shop, opens for everyone who desires real pleasure.
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