Mission Cross

+ Genre Action / Adventure
+ Director LEE Myeong-hoon
+ Cast HWANG Jung-min, YUM Jung-ah, JEON Hye-jin
+ Release TBD
+ Running Time TBD
Mission Cross
A man leaving his past behind and living as a househusband is chased by his wife for his secret life!
A hard-working househusband and a former special forces officer Gang-mu (HWANG Jung-min) is hiding his past from his wife Mi-sun (YUM Jung-ah) who is a violent crime detective. One day, a mysterious woman, Hee-ju (JEON Hye-jin) appears to Gang-mu and Mi-sun assumes that his husband is having an affair. Mi-sun is after Gang-mu and Gang-mu is after something else. It eventually leads both of them to unexpected situations! Gang-mu can no longer be a peaceful househusband after all…!