+ Genre Sports Drama
+ Director KIM Jong-hyun
+ Cast SU Ae, OH Dal-su, OH Yeon-seo, HA Jae-sook, KIM Seul-ki, KIM Ye-won, JIN Ji-hee
+ Release 2016-08-10
+ Running Time 126min
The only and last national ice hockey team now makes its first challenge.
In 2003 the year of the Aomori Asian Games, Dae-woong, a former ice hockey player, receives an offer to be a director of the Korean national ice hockey team. Before enjoying the moment, he realizes it is a woman national team with a bunch of losers: a figure skating player who wants to get married by becoming a national team, a former field hockey player, now a fat housewife, and an expelled short track skater. As an ace player, Ji-won, a former national team player of North Korea, joins the team. But they still have hope as only 5 teams participating this year. With the great victory of the first match, they feel the medal is closer, yet Ji-won meets her sister left in North Korea alone as a next opponent...
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