Sunset in My Hometown

+ Genre Drama
+ Director LEE Joon-ik
+ Cast PARK Jung-min, KIM Go-eun
+ Release 2018-07-04
+ Running Time 123min
Sunset in My Hometown
My dearest Byeon-san, the most hated hometown.
Underground rapper Hak-soo has challenged the TV audition program for 6-years but never gets into the finalist. On the day that he fails his 7th audition, he receives a call from his hometown that his father is in the hospital. He rushes to Byeon-san, his hometown, where he has left since high school, only to find it is his father’s plot to bring him to Byeon-san. Being a careless father and husband, Hak-soo’s father gave a big suffer to him and didn’t even show up at the mother’s funeral. He immediately heads to Seoul, but soon meets his old friends one by one. In the meantime, he is suspected as a phishing scam criminal there and somehow bound in Byeon-san, the small, boring suburb city.
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