+ Genre Drama
+ Director CHO Kwang-jin
+ Cast KEUM Sae-rok, RYU Kyung-soo, KANG Young-suk
+ Release 2024-06-19
+ Running Time 111
Thirty-year-old Jia has lost everything -- her career, love, and health. Burnt out, she purchases a new Mercedes convertible, ‘Carbriolet’, with her entire savings. She sets off on a road trip with her ex-boyfriend, but the liberation she seeks is nowhere to be found. Feeling suffocated, Jia leaves her car and ex, when a curious country man named Byeongjae approaches her.
The endlessly diligent Jia (KEUM Sae-rok) is shocked when she’s presented with her cancer diagnosis. On an exceptionally bad day, her best friend visits her, asking Jia to travel the country in a Mercedes convertible named ‘Cabriolet’ together. Jia rejects the offer, and is met with her friend’s death the next day. Greatly affected by her friend’s sudden death, Jia spends her entire savings to buy Cabriolet and promises to give it to her ex-boyfriend if he joins her on a cross-country road trip. But her sense of freedom lasts merely moments, and Jia once again finds herself disillusioned. In this state, Jia wanders the country roads, when she encounters a mysterious country man, Byeongjae (RYU Kyung-soo), and faces a completely unexpected situation.
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