+ Genre Comedy
+ Director LEE Byeong-heon
+ Cast PARK Seo-jun, LEE Ji-eun
+ Release 2023-04-26
+ Running Time 125min
You are hopeless, helpless and homeless? No, you are NOT! 
A top football player Hong-dae (PARK Seo-joon) gets involved in an assault case and winds up being appointed as the coach for the national football team. This team will compete in the ‘Homeless World Cup’. A documentary producer So-min films their story while Hong-dae struggles to coach the homeless because of his misconceptions about them. He treats them like a buncn of ragtags. Despite his reservations, the team puts their best foot forward and he has a change of heart about them. Now they’re more than ready for the big event, but things get out of control when they actually start playing.