Love in the Big City

+ Genre Drama / Romance
+ Director E.oni
+ Cast KIM Go-eun, Steve Sanghyun NOH
+ Release TBD
+ Running Time TBD
Love in the Big City
This is how we love in the big city.
Characterized by her sharp tongue and daring attitude, Jae-hee (KIM Go-eun) is always at the center of gossip and hateful rumors. Meanwhile, Heung-soo (Steve Sanghyun NOH) is set on keeping his gay identity a secret for life. One day, in the back alley of a hotel, Jae-hee discovers Heung-soo’s secret by chance. Contrary to Heung-soo’s worries, Jae-hee keeps his secret and even helps him in a critical moment. As the two misfits begin to rely on each other, they secretly move in together and attempt to find love in the prejudiced world they live in.